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26 September 2019

ASSDA Webinar: Stainless steel surface finishes  

9 October 2019

ASSDA's Twenty-Sixth Annual General Meeting

Sofitel Gold Coast, Queensland

9 October 2019

Australian Industry Stainless Steel Supplier and Fabricator Awards 2019 Sofitel Gold Coast, Queensland

9-10 October 2019

PacRim Stainless 2019 Sofitel Gold Coast, Queensland


Award winners announced for ASSDA Fabricator Project of the Year (9 October 2019)
Project submissions for ASSDA Fabricator Project of the Year now open
(16 July 2019)
Water delivery efficiency with stainless steel
(11 July 2019)
Luxe stainless
(11 July 2019)
Atlas Steels' post-incident safety revamp
(11 July 2019)
ASSDA releases new brand identity
(18 June 2019)
frank green is on the hunt for stainless steel manufacturers
(21 March 2019)
Stainless steel for high performance enclosures (25 January 2019)
Stainless shines in Darling Harbour (25 January 2019)
AS 1528: Commentary on proposed changes
(15 November 2018)
2019 Australian Stainless Reference Manual
(30 October 2018)
AS 1528 open for public comment
(24 October 2018)
A look back at PacRim Stainless 2018
(11 October 2018)
ASSDA announces winners of 2018 Australian Industry Stainless Steel Supplier and Fabricator Awards (11 October 2018)
Stainless opulence (9 October 2018)
The Emerging Dragon: A stainless steel masterpiece (9 October 2018)
Stainless steel for 100 Year+ Design Life (9 October 2018)
2018 Australian Industry Stainless Steel Supplier and Fabricator Awards - Nominees Announced
(16 August 2018)
Stainless delivers success
(14 August 2018)
Grand reflections (14 August 2018)
Stainless and sand go hand-in-hand
(14 August 2018)
Appointment of ASSDA Membership and Business Development Manager: Chris Waltos
(23 July 2018)
Appointment of ASSDA General Manager: Lissel Pilcher (30 May 2018)
Structural stainless steel design tables published
(20 April 2018)
Stainless provides strength and style - Optus Stadium Park's Arbour
(16 April 2018)
Stainless sustains intricate brick facade - Centenary Library at Anglican Church Grammar School (16 April 2018)


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