ASSDA Accreditation is an industry-based scheme designed to establish a benchmark for stainless steel fabricators to become recognised providers (ASSDA Accredited Fabricators) of a standardised level of quality.

Demand for stainless steel and its use in fabrication has grown, both in volume and in areas of application resulting in new metal fabricators moving into the stainless steel industry, sometimes with limited skills and experience in using the material.

As different skills and practices are required in fabricating stainless steel compared to other materials, there is industry concern about the quality of service provided by inexperienced operators.

The Accreditation Scheme aims to reduce the risk to end users and fabricators of exposure to the ‘learning curve’ of parties new to stainless steel, which parties will be better able to understand the steps necessary to convert skills and practices appropriate for other materials to stainless steel as a result of the Scheme.

ASSDA Accreditation is a sharp instrument that targets the key issues of stainless steel fabrication expertise and aims to meet the expectation of asset owners and specifiers that the job will be properly specified and trouble free.

The Scheme promotes an industry focus on the skills and performance of competently trained specialists and encourages a consistently high standard through industry self-regulation.

The Accreditation Scheme criteria requires all fabricators to conform to stringent standards of competence, training and education, personal and professional conduct, adhering to a Code of Ethics and Practice, and committing themselves to continuing competency development.

The ASSDA Accredited logo provides end users and specifiers of stainless steel with an assurance that ASSDA Accredited Fabricators are committed to the highest quality practices and professionalism.



A database of ASSDA Accredited Fabricators identified as good practitioners in stainless steel can be found in the Stainless Steel Specialists Register.


Fabricators interested in applying for ASSDA Accreditation are encouraged to download the documents below and complete and submit Part 1 of the Application Form to ASSDA. For more information, please see the steps to Achieving ASSDA Accreditation.

Download ASSDA Accreditation Scheme Manual
Download Application Form Part 1
Download Example Application Form Part 2