Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings

For many years there has not been a Standard to cover the low-pressure stainless steel cast pipe fittings commonly used in Australia and other countries around the world.

These are are commonly termed "150lb" or "BSP" pipe fittings. In most cases the fittings that have been supplied were a mismatch of various Standards.

The fittings were dimensionally in accordance with a number of American Standards, whilst British Standard threads were used. This led to the fittings having threads that in some cases were non-compliant - basically there was insufficient length to accommodate the thread.

ASSDA, through its Technical Committee, identified this problem in the early 90s and through the publication of ASSDA's Technical Bulletin No. 1, highlighted the problems to the Australian market. ASSDA also looked for a mechanism to have these problems rectified.

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HF Acid Scheduling

Hydrofluoric acid is an aggressive substance used in the stainless steel industry, usually to assist in removal of scale and the chrome depleted layer associated with welds. This Technical Bulletin outlines changes to drugs and poisons schedules and state-by-state contacts on the subject.

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Airspace of Indoor Pools

Stainless steel is widely used in and around swimming pools and performs exceptionally well in most applications. However, some common types of stainless steel are not suitable for use in the airspace of indoor pool buildings in certain applications where they are subject to a tensile stress.

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