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Delivering Quality Finishes
This demonstration workshop covered common grades and their specific advantages, how and why stainless steels can corrode, surface finishes, design details for avoiding corrosion, welding and joining, fabrication techniques, the transport, handling and storage of stainless steels including necessary controls, fasteners, galling control and the avoidance of galvanic attack and what maintenance is required in service.

Stainless Steel in Heavy Engineering
This seminar examined key technical and commercial issues for heavy engineering projects. It focussed on how to get maximum benefit from stainless steel and corrosion resistant alloys, ensuring cost effective initial capital expense and lowering operating costs.
Structural Design of Stainless Steel
This seminar provided an overview of currently available specifications for the design of stainless steel structures, the scope of these and their main areas of application, with a focus on the European and Australian specifications and design aids.
40 Frequently Asked Questions About Stainless Steel
This no-nonsense seminar included practical answers to the most common questions about stainless steel. Industries covered included architecture, building and construction, marine, mining/mineral processing, chemical/petrochemical, high temperature, food and beverage and maintenance.
Surface Finishing of Stainless Steel and its Effects
This seminar presented practical knowledge of the different types of surface finishes for architectural and industrial applications.
Stainless Steel Fabrication: tips and tricks for quality outcomes
This seminar provided attendees with the fundamentals on quality fabrication of stainless steel and expanded on the knowledge requirements ASSDA seeks in accrediting fabricators. For specifiers, this seminar provided an insight into potential pitfalls to avoid when specifying stainless steel fabrication.
Stainless Steel in Marine Infrastructure
This seminar provided practical advice on specifying the appropriate grade and surface finish of stainless steel for specific marine applications, including in marine atmospheres, tidal zones, submerged use and concrete reinforcement.
Preventing Coastal Corrosion (Tea Staining)
This seminar covered what tea staining is and what causes it, a practical demonstration of tea staining forming, how to specify your way out it, how it can be prevented and if its is already occurring, how it can be fixed, and simple clauses to include in your specification.
Stainless Steel in Civil Construction
This seminar provided practical advice and case studies on why and how to specify stainless steel for civil construction projects.

Stainless Steel Welding: from basics to high productivity
A practical guide to welding stainless steel. This seminar covered a range of topics from stainless steel basics, handling, Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) and welding processing through to fume and OHS issues, post-weld surface treatment and how to avoid weld failures.

Successful Use of Stainless Steel in the Food Industry
This seminar covered a range of topics including stainless steel properties, finish requirements, the effects of cleaning regimes on design, and fabrication and welding of stainless steel.
Stainless Steel in the Water Industry
This seminar looked at the exposure conditions and their effects on the typical (and possibly new) stainless steel in use in the water industry, with emphasis on how to treat this premium material to get the best possible performance.