Associate Membership Program Offering: Benefits and Services

The aims of the Associate Member Program are as follows:

  • Provide support and resources required for making fully informed decisions on the design, specification, fabrication and use of stainless steel.
  • Create a clear conduit for the specifying and end-user sectors to easily and effectively connect and work with stainless steel suppliers and fabricators.

We split access to our offering into two categories: Free and Premium. This is done for two reasons; i) makes it easier to access the individual services needed, ii) we can recover the costs we incur in delivering certain services more easily.

The usage model is simple - Use and pay for what you need. Remember, as a non-profit Association, all the fees chargeable for premium services go towards the running of ASSDA.

Free Premium

Access to:

  • Digital copies of ASSDA publications, including the Australian Stainless Reference Manual, Stock Guide and Food Code of Practice.
  • Free limited technical support (up to 30 minutes per enquiry, at a total of six per year). Additional support outside of this is chargeable.

  • 1 x one-hour lunch-and-learn session per office per year.

  • Listing on the ASSDA website.
  • Assistance in engaging with the local value chain for project requirements/supplier approvals.

The following is chargeable on a user-pays basis:

  • Discounted registration rates to ASSDA educational courses, including the Stainless Steel Specialist Course and monthly webinars

  • Discounted access to hard copy ASSDA publications, including the Australian Stainless Reference Manual and Blue Book.

  • Referral service and access to a network of technical consultants for more in-depth technical support, i.e. studies, reports, site work, etc.