Since 1992, ASSDA has provided cohesive representation and support to all those involved in the design, specification, manufacture and use of stainless steel.  We take great pride in remaining the primary channel for all activities required to support and grow our local industry.

As with every material, it is important to choose the right product for a particular application, and these decisions require knowledge and information. We are finding that this support is more crucial now than ever. The challenges of sound engineering design and economical project delivery are coupled with increasing production cost pressures and a reducing appetite for project risk.

  • As a material of construction, stainless steel can be unforgiving, and requires a certain understanding and competence to ensure it is used correctly and fit for purpose.
  •  Our industry is niche in nature and represents a small subset of a much larger steel market. This means that expertise can be fragmented, and designers and specifiers may have little experience in the nuances, demands as well as opportunities inherent to the material.
  • Global stainless steel demand and use is growing rapidly, at a growth rate of 5.5% year-on-year. Recent analyses argue a growth rate twice that of general steel. With growth comes both substitution of existing materials as well as new applications, but also a need to ensure this growth.
  • Materials engineering expertise can be hard to access, particularly in specialised fields such as metallurgy and corrosion control. We want our expertise in stainless steel and its uses to be as accessible as possible. 

To best overcome these challenges, the Associate Membership Program was developed as a platform for ASSDA and the local stainless steel industry to formally engage and collaborate with materials decision makers and asset owners.

Program Scope

We define an “Associate” as a party (individual, group or business) whose primary function is to design, engineer, specify and/or manage a stainless steel bearing asset. 

Common examples of Associates include engineering companies, project management firms, consultancies, processing plants, architects, councils and authorities.

Our support encompasses a range of forms and tools to assist the in making decisions on the design, specification and use of stainless steel. This includes:

  • Informational publications, both technical and commercial in nature
  • Training programs
  • Expert guidance and technical advice
  • Presentations.


View more detail on the program’s benefits and services, or view the Associate Membership Brochure here.