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The course content covers general sideloader safe operating principles. This video production has been reviewed by SafeWork NSW and approved it for use as part of a SafeWork NSW enforceable undertaking.

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The below training documents support the sideloader course for ongoing discussion at Toolbox meetings or any other forum deemed suitable.

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 Stainless steel is one of the largest growth industries of the past 100 years. Since 1950, worldwide production has expanded from about 1 million tonnes to more than 50 million tonnes in 2018, at a growth rate of 5.5% year-on-year. During this time, the image of stainless steel has changed from an exotic specialist alloy to an everyday material used in high quality durable products.

The Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA) was established in 1992 to address and harness stainless steel's growth trend in Australia, and today remains as the Association's core objective. ASSDA focuses its market development efforts in fostering the understanding and use of stainless steel by developing the competence and efficiency of the industry through promotion, education and training, the provision of technical advice and fabricator accreditation.

Since 1992, ASSDA has overseen the more than doubling of the market for stainless steel in Australia, with apparent consumption reaching 135,000 tonnes at its peak in 2003. At the end of the 2018 calendar year, apparent consumption was reported at 96,747 tonnes.

Without the presence of a local stainless steel mill, Australia is a project-oriented market. The industry must focus on excelling in quality and service, especially facing the perception of high cost when compared with other materials. Promotion of stainless steel as the material of choice and its life-cycle and sustainable benefits is important to support this, and ASSDA plays a critical role in facilitating the dialogue between materials decision makers and the industry it represents.

ASSDA aims to instil an innovative, proactive and member-responsive culture, and the Association could not continue without the valuable support of its more than 175 member organisations work with ASSDA to grow the market for stainless steel.



The essential association for people and organisations working together and collaboratively striving for a sustainable stainless steel industry and future in Australia.


To foster the understanding and use of stainless steel by developing the competence and efficiency of the industry through promotion, education and training, the provision of adequate technical advice and industry fabricator accreditation.


Support, grow and defend the market for stainless steel.



Please note that ASSDA's Technical Advice Service represents a significant asset to the stainless steel industry, providing excellent and timely advice for the successful use of the product. To ensure the effectiveness of the service and appropriate equity in its use, ASSDA now offers this service to:

  • ASSDA members
  • Materials specifiers
  • Owners and purchasers of stainless steel plant and equipment
  • Others who make materials decisions.
This service is not offered to non-members who compete with our membership base. If you belong to one of the eligible groups above and wish to lodge a technical inquiry, please complete the inquiry form below.


Technical Enquiry

If your question relates to designing a structure or sourcing a product or service, this will be syndicated to our members by way of a weekly email (LeADmail). The service enables members to contact you directly, in the event they can help you.