Issue 498 / 19 January 2016


1. Opportunity 17383 Tech ID# 16175
Chris Kaiser from Matthew Davis Australia is looking for someone who can supply about 82m of schedule 40 half inch 316 pipe with lagging suitable for insulation of liquid nitrogen. The customer is planning to do the install. If you are interested, Chris can be contacted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Issue 492 / 30 April 2015


1. Opportunity 1735 Tech ID# 15855
Aaron Doctor from Monfort Engineering is after the price and availability for:

304 stainless steel pipe/tube to suit, OD = 27mm and ID = 24mm by 7m long.

If you can assist, please contact Aaron on 02 9677 2249 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Issue 488 / 26 August 2014


1. Opportunity 1726 Tech ID# 15520
Robert Kosman is works for a structural engineering company and is looking for a contractor who is set up to treat tea staining/corrosion on structures that are generally municipal council owned. If this is of interest, please contact Robert on 07 3852 1041.

2. Opportunity 1727 Tech ID# 15529
Shaun Kelly from Gordon Brothers is looking for a dimple plate water chiller, about 1m x 1m using propylene gylcol at -3°C on one side and water between 2°C and 4°C on the other side. If you can supply such a unit, Shaun's contact number is 07 3277 0577.


1. Opportunity 1728 Tech ID# 15551
Anthony Colossi from Nicom Interiors has a prestige fit-out job in Melbourne which requires a significant amount of vee cut and folded thin sheet. He is looking for a supplier. If you can assist, please contact Anthony on 0437 535 744.

2. Opportunity 1729 Tech ID# 15563
Roger Apte is a Sydney-based sculptor who has a commission to make a 1.8m dog bowl in 316, in the form of an overflowing fountain dispensing drinking water. He is looking for some fabrication assistance in rolling or otherwise creating the level overflow edge. If you can assist, Roger's number is 0419 360 036.


Issue 489 / 10 December 2014


1. Opportunity 1730 Tech ID# 15710
Bob from Mac Surgical (a supplier of customised surgical and medical devices) is looking for a supplier of 1/4x3/16 inch surgical tubing. If you can assist or know of a supplier, Bob's number is 02 9939 0900.


1. Opportunity 1731 Tech ID# 15713
Leo Musarra from Kyronn Construction is looking for a contractor who can supply and install the moire fringe facade section for a 7-storey Gold Coast apartment building. It appears the architect is thinking of painted aluminium, but stainless steel may be a better option. If you are interested, Leo's contact details are 07 5532 5035. Images are below.

Issue 487 / 4 July 2014


1. Opportunity 1725 Tech ID#15489
Kalpa Liyanage from architects Feather & Lawry Design is looking for a slip resistant finish on stainless steel to be made into discs about 200mm in diameter. They will be used as signs on the ground in a concrete pathway outside a building in downtown Toowoomba. If you are interested, Kalpa's number is 07 4638 8209.