Training for Lecturers and Students of Architecture and Civil Engineering

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) offers a stainless steel training programme consisting of 11 short and informative modules designed for lecturers and students of architecture and civil engineering, but can be of interest to all who want to learn about stainless steels. The programme is informative and entertaining, and does not require any specific prior knowledge. Links for reference are provided below, and you can easily download the modules in a PDF or PowerPoint file by clicking on the module of your choice.

Contents Summary PDF  
Module 1: Stainless Steel in Art PDF PowerPoint
Module 2A: Architectural Applications PDF PowerPoint
Module 2B: Infrastructural Applications PDF PowerPoint
Module 3: Why Stainless Steel? PDF PowerPoint
Module 4: What are Stainless Steels? PDF PowerPoint
Module 5: Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels PDF PowerPoint
Module 6: Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steels PDF PowerPoint
Module 7: Structural Stainless Steel PDF PowerPoint
Module 8: Surface Finishes PDF PowerPoint
Module 9: Joining and Fabrication of Stainless Steels PDF PowerPoint
Module 10: Forms and Availability PDF PowerPoint
Module 11: Sustainability PDF PowerPoint
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For further information, please contact the International Stainless Steel Forum: Jo Claes, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This module aims to rapidly develop welding skills appropriate for the stainless steel industry to assist in overcoming the skills shortages.

ASSDA received seed funding from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework to produce an e-learning module which teaches the underpinning knowledge and basic principles of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.

The national training system’s e-learning strategy, the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, promotes the use of technology in the delivery of education and training to strengthen the skills base of Australia.

The module takes full advantage of the resources e-learning has to offer, by utilising video, audio, text, images and interactives. The module is self-paced but takes around one hour to complete. It is also linked to competencies, equipping students with the underpinning knowledge they require in order to begin their practical learning.

You can access the free TIG Welding Module here

Calling all architects and engineers . . . Do you have a big stainless job on the horizon? Want to increase your knowledge of stainless steel? If you answered yes, help is at hand - just call ASSDA and book your own, free, in-house Stainless Steel Architectural/Engineering Seminar!

An ASSDA representative will come to your office and present a one-hour seminar outlining the use of stainless steel and give your staff a working knowledge of the basic attributes of stainless steel and the dos and dont's of specification.

ASSDA's Stainless Steel Architectural/Engineering Seminars will provide you with enough information to work with fabricators and stainless steel service providers, and to make an accurate specification of the material.

The seminar includes a substantial binder packed with stainless information for your firm's reference.

WHEN? - That's up to you!

WHERE? - Your office.

For more information on these Architectural/Engineering Seminars contact ASSDA on 07 3220 0722 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Training Your Stainless Steel Specialists with ASSDA Transforming apprentices into stainless steel specialists can be a challenging but rewarding experience for employers seeking to improve quality, retain staff and increase profitability.

Underpinning theory and practical training in stainless steel represents only a small part of TAFE fabrication education in Australia. Understanding of standard industry terms such as pickling and passivation, crevice corrosion and knowledge of all the stainless steel grades by students even after completion is minimal.

In response to this problem, ASSDA developed the Stainless Steel Specialist Course, a 16 module training course that provides the industry with the underpinning knowledge required to meet the quality demands of architects, asset owners and end users.

Since the course was released in April 1999, it has provided more than 1000 Australian students with specialist knowledge of stainless steel, its properties, performance and uses.

In 2006, ASSDA upgraded the specialist course into an interactive e-learning flash presentation with images, animations and video for faster, more rewarding training for fabricators, sales representatives, estimators and engineers - anyone working with stainless steel.

Atlas Steels

ASSDA Major Sponsor, Atlas Steels recently enrolled more than 70 students in the new e-learning course. Mr Tony Hodges, an internal salesperson for the Melbourne branch, became the first stainless steel specialist to complete the new intermediate course.

However, two rapidly expanding Queensland ASSDA Accredited Fabricators are using the Stainless Steel Specialist Course in different ways to ensure their staff are trained and retained as quality stainless steel specialists.

Bridgeman Stainless Solutions

Mr Len Webb, Managing Director of Bridgeman Stainless Solutions uses the course as an incentive to encourage employees to advance their knowledge of stainless steel and as a 'shortlist' for promoting motivated staff.

As a growing company, Bridgeman Stainless Solutions faces worsening skills shortages in an increasingly competitive labour market.

Mr Webb said that ”the next person that walks up to me and says I want more money or I will go and work for Billy down the road, I needed a strategy enabling me to offer more money to these employees, while retaining committed employees.”

The company offered to enrol current employees in the Intermediate Course and several took up this opportunity. Those who completed and passed the course are recognised for their efforts in the form of a bonus.

So far four of the seven tradesmen have now completed and passed the course, and as such have improved their overall knowledge of stainless steel and increased their understanding of the requirements for welding and fabrication. In turn they have all received their bonuses in recognition of their participation.

“Recognising these tradesmen were interested in doing the Specialist Course allowed me to develop a stronger more committed workforce and to give them the chance to move forward with the company. We will continue to support our tradesmen in further learning at every opportunity,” Mr Webb said.

Rockpress (Rocklea Pressed Metal)

Mr Dave Osborne, General Manager of Rockpress (Rocklea Pressed Metal) is impressed by the effect the increase in knowledge has had on the workshop floor.

At Rockpress, the course is compulsory for the majority of employees from second year apprentices to estimators and managers. In 2005, Mr Osborne enrolled 22 employees in the Full Certificate course. Two employees have already passed the course and nine people currently qualify for an Intermediate Certificate.

“Customers always put a great demand on you and it is changing everyday and we have to compete globally like everyone else does.

“This course gives them the underpinning theory on what makes stainless steel, what it is,  what to watch for when they weld it, what to look for when fabricating with stainless steel.”

Many of the staff study the modules at the same time, resulting in many discussions about course topics at lunchtime. Improved knowledge of the various grades of stainless steel and correct welding practices has also meant that staff now understand enough to ask questions and can individually identify where potential failures can be prevented.

This article featured in Australian Stainless magazine - Issue 36, Winter 2006.

The ASSDA Stainless Steel Specialist Course contains 17 challenging and rewarding Training Notes covering a wide range of topics about stainless steel from introductory to more complex material. Input from the industry has ensured that topics covered are relevant to the workplace.

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Course content

1.    An Introduction to Stainless Steel
2.    Stainless Steel vs Corrosion
3.    The Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel
4.    The Surface Finish on Stainless Steels
5.    Fabricating Corrosion Resisting and Stainless Steels
6.    The Cutting of Stainless Steels
7.    The Metallurgy of Stainless Steels
8.    The Welding and Joining of Stainless Steels
9.    Machining Stainless Steels
10.  Practical Considerations for Designing in Stainless Steel
11.  Stainless Steel and Stainless Alloy Castings
12.  Forging Stainless Steels
13.  Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube
14.  Cold Forming Stainless Steels
15.  Deep Drawing of Stainless Steels
16.  Stainless Steel and Stainless Alloys at High Temperature
17.  Ferritic Stainless Steels
ASSDA Training Notes

Each Training Note consists of a booklet (8-36 pages) and a series of multiple choice and short answer examination questions. They are offered as a self-paced correspondence course.

Levels of Certification

ASSDA offers two levels of certification:

  • Intermediate Certificate

An Intermediate Certificate is awarded for successful completion of a minimum of five Training Notes. Compulsory subjects must make up four of the five titles. ASSDA can assist in developing an appropriate program or individual organisations may choose to select relevant Training Notes to tailor the program to suit their needs. Intermediate Certificates can be completed in three months.

  • Full Certificate

A Full Certificate is awarded for the successful completion of a minimum of 12 Training Notes. Compulsory subjects must make up seven of the twelve titles. ASSDA can assist in developing an appropriate program or individual organisations may choose to select relevant Training Notes to tailor the program to suit their needs. Full Certificates can be completed in six months.

Benefits for Companies

Individual modules may also be purchased, allowing companies the flexibility to select modules for training staff according to company operations.

  • skills participants in the benefits and limitations of stainless steel
  • upskills individuals and organisations already established in the stainless steel industry, as well as those who have little knowledge about stainless steel
  • modular form of the course allows companies the flexibility to tailor train employees for their operations
  • authoritative, up-to-date reference document

Benefits for Participants

  • Participant gains an understanding of why they are doing what they are doing in their job.
  • Completion of course at own pace and in own time.

Benefits for the Stainless Steel Industry

  • provides a standard level of knowledge and recognised level of achievement.
  • translates into a higher level of productivity for existing and new workers by promoting a greater depth of understanding of stainless.


Intermediate Certificate (min. 5 Training Notes) - $137.50 members, $192.50 non-members
Full Certificate (min. 12 Training Notes) - $330.00 members, $462.00 non-members
Course Completion (all 17 subjects) - $440.00 members, $616.00 non-members

* includes GST and delivery in Australia
Course costs include examination questions, assessment and certification. Prices for international sales on application - please contact ASSDA for more information.

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