Stainless steel water drainage

Stainless steel water drainage

Australian innovation driving sustainability

For over 30 years ASSDA Member Stormtech has been at the forefront of Australian innovation delivering stainless steel linear drainage solutions for the local and global architecture and design industries.

Stormtech is an Australian family business that began operations in 1989 and was established on the invention of a special drainage grate. Founder John Creighton was approached by an architect to help design a hobless shower for a wheelchair-bound client wishing to shower independently. Creative thinking and innovative engineering led to the birth of a unique stainless steel drainage design that delivered excellent surface water removal efficiency while demarcating the wet and dry areas of a shower without a need for a hob or barrier. This design was adopted as standard, patented and is now Stormtech’s 65ARG slimline linear drain.

Today Stormtech continues to thrive, pursuing innovation and excellence both in the way it operates and services its customers, as well as through its commitment to sustainability. A world-leading business in ethical and sustainable practice, Stormtech showcase over 150 drainage products across a range of many different functions, from bathroom, pool and spa drainage to hospitality, commercial, and healthcare applications. Their linear drainage products range in widths from 65 and 100mm and lengths from 900 -3000mm, with eight architectural grate designs on offer. Custom drainage products are also delivered for specific applications and water flow efficiencies. 

All Stormtech products are Australian designed and manufactured at their New South Wales’ facility in South Nowra. Stormtech prides itself in an all-Australian supply chain, with all stainless steel drains fabricated from grade 316. Electropolishing, electroplating and powder coating services are offered through their local network of third-party suppliers, to deliver specific stainless steel specifications requiring coloured and other special surface finishes.

Stainless steel is a material of choice in linear drainage due to its strength, durability, low maintenance, safety, visual appeal and 100% recyclability. 

Grade 316 has excellent corrosion resistant properties, maximising product performance in coastal areas and pool installations, particularly where acidic soil may be present. Architecturally, stainless steel linear drainage offers an elegant and modern finish in addition to delivering a lower profile, creating an even, safe surface and seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. The material is also hygienic and easy to clean, complementing hospitality, health, and aged care applications. 

Stainless steel’s durability and sustainable properties coupled with Stormtech’s quality design and manufacturing has assisted designers and specifiers meet their environmental goals. In addition, it has provided solutions to overcoming poor drainage issues in construction, including ponding, which can undermine foundations and lead to structural and aesthetic damage.  

As part of the company’s Industry 4.0 journey, significant capital investment has enabled Stormtech to introduce state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and develop software automation for business and sales support. Their CNC machine processing and design and drafting capabilities have significantly increased, delivering positive outcomes including a 0.3% scrap rate. All materials are XRF scanned for grade confirmation and stainless steel scrap and offcuts are reused or recycled. Stormtech’s sustainable commitments have also seen the company pioneer their own stainless steel fabrication techniques to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. Ongoing R&D will also see the company continue to launch and introduce new capabilities, with sustainability at the core of its focus.

Stormtech was the first drainage business in Australia to gain sustainability credentials, maintaining its GreenRate Level A Gold certification with Global GreenTagTM since 2013. In addition, all products are WaterMark certified.

Standard TR Grate design with custom curve 
Photo credit: Stormtech

This article is featured in Australian Stainless Magazine issue 74, 2022. 

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