CRA Excellence Program

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Brought to you by ASSDA, the CRA Excellence Program is a cutting edge advisory service:

  1. specialising in corrosion resistant alloys

  2. providing a consulting service to assist construction amid corrosive environments.

We understand that your environment is a balance between commercial sustainability and the demands of the application. Understanding and managing your risk allows you to specify materials that will perform to expectations.

plan for success

The best way to avoid corrosion to plan not to have it. Our team will:

  1. investigate your application and determine your materials options

  2. analyse risks

  3. provide advice in support of accurate specification and on supply chain matters

Our expertise can help you through the complete course of your project, from concept, scoping, prefeasibility, detailed feasibility and basic engineering to supply, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning.

Our guidance empowers you with the confidence to make informed commercially sustainable decisions.

  1. deliver confidence when specifying CORROSION RESISTANT ALLOYS (CRA)